Renter’s Insurance – Does It Cover Flood Damage?

An all-liabilities renter’s insurance policy does not cover damage from a flood. Remember, a pipe bursting is not a flood! Technically, flooding is the result of water rising outside of the structure and then flows into the structure. If a home has water damage as a result of a pipe break, then it’s covered under a renter’s insurance policy.


Flood insurance is separate from renter’s insurance and would need to be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program or a private insurance company that offers flood insurance in the area of the structure. Personal items would need to be the only coverage in the policy because renters are never responsible for dwelling coverage. AmeriDri has used Callie Cuffe Insurance for over thirteen years and what we like about Callie is she is a broker for all the different insurance companies to help find you the best deal possible.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides a free flood map service to determine if your area is in a high-risk flood zone. Also, it doesn’t matter if a structure is not located in a high risk flood zone since flooding is still a possibility. It’s usually difficult to assess whether or not flooding is a risk so take your time to research FEMA’s website or call your current insurance company for assistance. Always remember to not overlook your risk of flooding!


Renter’s flood insurance price is dependent upon several factors. The main factor is whether you’re located in a flood zone. If you’re lucky enough to not live in a high risk flood zone, then your premiums are in set categories. On the other hand, if the structure is within a high risk flood zone, then a flood elevation certificate will be required to obtain a rate and coverage.


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