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Joe Crivello - President and Owner

Joe Crivello – President and Owner

When disaster strikes, it’s important to stay level headed and make the best decisions possible for your home and family. Water, mold and smoke damage are common household occurrences and can be extremely dangerous to the health of your family and the structure of your home or business.

When water damage happens a home owner may not realize the severity of the situation at hand. Water damage can occur when a bathtub overflows, a hot water heater breaks, a pipe bursts or an outside source causes flooding. After you realize there may be a problem, your first thought would be to try and mop up the floor and items damaged. Wiping up the wet surface whether it be carpet, tile or wood is not a permanent fix to the problem.

Water quickly absorbs into the under layers of the flooring and begins to cause decay or rotting of materials. More damaging and serious than that, is that if the effected areas go untreated by a professional, toxic mold will start to form. Ameridri Colorado Springs water damage professionals are available 24/7 to meet your needs and begin restoration to restore items back to a safe condition. Water doesn’t wait, neither should you. Professionals in the restoration field are ready to discuss a solution that will minimally invade your home and effectively take care of the damage; leaving you with a safe home and the security in peace of mind.